NetSUS Login Issues

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After updating my iMac to Catalina, I'm unable to login to the NetSUS web portal.

I can access it, and it "processes" my login, but it just redirects me right back to the login prompt.

What I have noticed is it redirects from to

It doesn't error out, etc. Just continually redirects.

It is hosted on a vMware ESXi stack and I have not had issues up until a few days back when I rolled up to Catalina.

I'm running Chrome 77, but have been doing so successfully for a while.

Hosted on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

My CLI access does not work on any of the built-in accounts either. When I input these it gives me an incorrect login/password prompt.

When I try the built-ins in the web console it does the same thing as my AD login, which is no error prompt just endless redirects.

If anyone's encountered this please let me know.


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@mplisd What you're describing is usually an indication your NetSUS has run out of storage space. The easiest way to recover is probably to re-create your NetSUS VM with a larger storage allocation. The default 500GB is woefully inadequate, and some people have reported over 1.4TB was needed to cache the entire catalog of updates Apple makes available.

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From my experience, this means that your storage filled up because of the recent updates posted by Apple. The minimum storage suggested by NetSUS is too low nowadays.

I have to SSH into my NetSUS server as the shelluser account and manually delete some update folders until I can gain enough space for processes to function.

Here is an example. Find the downloads folder, and use the "ls" to find out what the directories are named. Then force remove a couple of those directories.

cd /srv/SUS/html/content/downloads


sudo rm -rf 63
sudo rm -rf 62
sudo rm -rf 61

If you aren't able to SSH in, then you might be out of luck.
Maybe someone else can lend some help.

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Excellent feedback, thanks for the quick response.

I'll have a look, though it is Thin provisioned at 750GB with a 8TB cap.