New to Jamf, handed a "broken" installation

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The installation I've been handed is interesting, I have to say. Multi-national client using NetApp as SMB DPs, however it appears replication is working at all. I've uploaded a PKG I need to install to the root DP, and nothing moves to the other DPs even after waiting 24+ hours. We're not using the cloud-based DP as far as I've been able to determine. All DPs are online and reachable via DNS name and IP address.

If there's log files, they're not anywhere I can find them.

I'm not seeing anywhere within the web console to begin troubleshooting this setup. And yes, I do have the vendor setup manuals, but nothing is jumping out at me for where to begin.

Thankes,and have mercy on my soul.


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I'd recommend moving to HTTP Distribution Points. Much more reliable and have the ability to resume. Not sure if that's feasible or not. Won't help you in the now though. Are you getting any particular error messages when the policy runs and it tries to download the package?

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Sorry if this is too basic....
You have to replicate using Jamf Admin, replication is not automatic in the default setup.
Once you upload and save your package to Jamf Admin, then choose each DP in the left pane at the bottom and replicate by clicking the replicate button in the main window.
And I second the use of http(s) DPs, as well as AWS

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Replication is also basically just straight file sync so you can set up out of JAMF replication from the master DP pretty easily.

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+1 for HTTP distribution points. #resumableDownloadsFTW #rhelHeadless #rsync #rsaKeys


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For logs - go to Management Settings, -> System Settings -> Change Management -> Logs.

Should get you at least part of what you're looking for.

Replication is manual from Jamf Admin, as mentioned, or you can set replication outside on the NetApp itself. Also HIGHLY recommend http. I run one SMB on the NetApp as a backup, but our primary is an HTTP share hosted on a server - made things SO much more reliable with our WAN.

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What file system are your DP's ?