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Does anyone have Nudge experience? I would appreciate some help to get it set up. :)


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I am probably unique, I have never found nudge to be useful. I tend to be more heavy handed with my management than most admins are though. Nudge does just that, it nudges users to do the thing. There is no forcing behind nudge.


For something like OS updates, I do the following.

  • Differ 30 days and allow users to install once deferral is up
  • Use MDM Commands to send the updates
  • 60 days later notify users who's devices failed to update to run updates using JAMF Helper
  • 90 days later update a smart group which has a "minimum version" defined, and targets noncompliant devices for software restrictions. The restrictions present notifications to run updates or call the helpdesk
  • Time frames are updated based on urgency of the OS update. With 12.6.1 for example people are getting notified later this week, and restricted in 2 weeks. 

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Would you mind sharing your config setup? I am currently trying to set up mine but having some issues getting nudge to launch on my test machine.

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Did you ever get this setup? I'm interested In trying it out.