nomad menu upgrade

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We're currently using the Jamf script to install nomad and setup the launcher. When I ran it on some devices with an old version to upgrade it upgraded silently and was fine. Other devices however seemed to generate another launcher and put up a splash screen.

What's the easiest way to upgrade nomad silently?


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Did you ever try or get a response on this? We're getting ready to push out Catalina and we've learned the version we deploy in Jamf doesn't work.

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nope, I tried running the install script that grabs the latest version from nomad and creates a launchd to autolaunch it... that worked, but on some machines it seemed to create duplicate nomad menu-lets for some people.

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I'm using the same script and have also had the duplicate Nomad process. I added the following lines to the end of the script to take care of this...

log " install complete"

log "Killing NoMAD to relaunch app"
killall NoMAD

exit 0