Not booting to Local drive after imaging

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Hello all,
Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I am having an issue after imaging where it does not boot to the target drive after imaging. Here is my work flow
1.created 10.9.5 os dmg using auto dmg
2.used autocasper nbi version 1
3.made sure diskless is checked and also verified in the plist
4.used a modified rc.netboot and unmodified

The os seems to install fine with packages and no packages but it loops back to the NBI when it restarts.
Any ideas are appreciated


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Honored Contributor II

Not sure if it's one Mac or a few of them.  If it's just one it would be worth resetting the PRAM (hold down cmd + alt + p + r for around 4-5 startup chimes).  

It might be restoring ok but just not setting the startup disk.  Try restarting and holding down alt (to get to the startup manager) and see if it will boot from the restored disk at all.  

To test the disk image, try restoring it using disk utility and reboot.  If this works it might be something with the Casper configuration.  

A final check is that the disk image (in Casper Admin) is set to a priority of 1.  If it's not you will get all kinds of weird issues.  

Let me know if any of these work for you!

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Are you using a JDS? If so refer to this.