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This issue is not related to Casper, but I know there is a great wealth of
knowledge out there and thought someone might be able to help me out....

Issue: Office 2008 for Mac / Default save point usually network home
directory/Documents not available

Server: XServe running 10.6.7
Clients: iMacs running 10.6.7 / bound to server via LDAP
Version of Office: 2008

Home Directories for students are stored in a shared folder called
"HomeDirs", with internal folders for each HS grade level (2011, 2012, 2013,

In the past when students would start a new file and do a "Save As...."
choice, their "Documents" folder would always be the default save point in
the Save As...window.

For some reason, this has stopped working, and, now the "HomeDirs" folder is
the default. When they click on "Home Dirs" to see if they can select their
"Documents" folder, it is not available. So, now our HomeDirs folder folder
on the server is filling up with these loose files that students are saving
there vs. it going to their network Documents folder.

Nothing we are aware of has changed except for the 10.6.7 upgrade from

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


Jim Frye
District Technology Coordinator
Upper Sandusky E.V. Schools
Upper Sandusky, OH 43351