OFF TOPIC - Hyphens in computer names converted to underscore (bind to OD)

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Hello everyone, I know this has not very much to do with Casper but I saw that many of you guys manage MCX from OD and thought asking here...

When I attempt to bind a Mac with Lion 10.7.3 to my Open Directory server (10.6.8), the hyphens in the computer name (sharing name) are converted to underscores. This is immediately visible if I open Directory Utility to manually bind the client.
I have successfully used hyphens in the past and still don't have a problem with with joining Snow Leopard clients with hyphens in the computer name.


department-office-01 -> department_office_01$

The underscores are reflected in the ApplePasswordServer.Server.log file as well as the LDAP entries.

Same result if I use Casper Directory Binding (of course).

Has anyone ever experienced this? Ideas?
Is this character not accepted anymore with Lion clients?

Thank you


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Seeing the same when binding 10.7.x clients to our AD.

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Oh yes, correct, I forgot to mention that.
Here it seems that - at least with Casper Directory Bindings - I can use the dash within sharing name/hostname despite manually binding it to AD with Directory Utility automatically convert them to underscore.
For what I could see, on the other hand I cannot create an AD workstation (object, server side) with the underscore within its name as it is considered a non-standard character...

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Sounds like it's just using the machine name instead of the 'friendly' name.