Office 14.3.4 Update is out.

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Did I miss an update or 4?? Wasn't the latest version 14.2.3 prior to this announcement??

Are they trying to change to the Firefox / Chrome model of numbering updates? Yikes!

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I apparently missed 14.3.3... 14.3.0 was out a few months ago...

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Hmm... just pushed the pkg to my machine and when I launched outlook it prompted with..

Microsoft Outlook wants to use your confidential information stored in "Exchange" in your keychain. Do you want to allow this.

<Alway Allow> <Deny> <Allow>

Never saw that before after a patch...

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I got that, too. From MS:

Latest fixes: ... After token expires, does not prompt for credentials in Microsoft Outlook for Mac Fixes an issue that causes Outlook for Mac not to prompt for credentials after the Kerberos token expires. ...

I'm assuming whatever they did to fix that issue has Outlook give a nod to the keychain.




Didn't miss 14.3.3. Latest before 14.3.4 was 14.3.2.


You missed an update or 5! 14.2.4, 14.2.5, 14.3.0, 14.3.1, 14.3.2.

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Yeah Tim, I don't think I had my coffee yet that morning. I realized later that morning that I actually had been deploying 14.3 around here. :-)

Microsoft Outlook wants to use your confidential information stored in "Exchange" in your keychain. Do you want to allow this.

After applying some earlier updates, you might recall users were prompted to re-enter their passwords altogether rather than being asked to use what was in their keychain. Much happier with this dialog. :-)

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It appears that this is now a flat package as well. We have an environment where running these updates is required, yet, our users laptops are rarely on the network at login, startup or shutdown... so we were faced with the challenge of how to apply these updates to users who "might" be in the middle of a word doc.

Previously, you could edit the PKG to just install and not worry about forcing any apps down. This was also great if you were installing to a machine without a user logged in. But here with it being a flat pkg, that process has changed a bit.

I think I got it working though, for anyone in a similar boat. Please test for yourself though, as your mileage may vary from my own. I have vetted this out as a proof of concept on 3 machines in our lab, but have not done a full pilot, etc, yet.

Modifying MS Flat Packages so they don't Force Quit Apps

First, as mentioned, download update from Microsoft.

Then I needed to download PackageMaker. As a developer, you log into the apple dev site and go to Downloads. From there, download the "Auxiliary Tools for Xcode - Late July 2012" (or search for "for Xcode - " and you should see a bunch of good stuff)

Open the DMG, launch Packagemaker and select Edit > Open FlatPackage Editor. From FlatPackage Editor, do a File > Open and navigate to your MS installer. You should see the package contents.

Highlight the file called "Distribution". Then click the Info button at the top of the screen.
Toggle from "Basic Info" to "Preview" Select all. Copy.

Go to TextWrangler.

Search for and delete these lines of code.

<line choice="quit"/>

<app id=""/> <app id="org.mozilla.firefox"/> <app id=""/> <app id="com.operasoftware.Opera"/> <app id=""/> <app id=""/> <app id=""/> <app id=""/> <app id=""/>

Save your Textwrangler file as the same name, no extension.
Go back to FlatPackage Editor.
Highlight the original Distribution file and click Delete at the top of the window.
Then drag and drop the new Distribution file into your pkg.

Again from FlatPackage Editor, select File > Save As, choose the same name (Office 2011 14.3.5 Update.pkg), as a flat package.

Plop this pkg in your JSS and away you go. Installs over the top without bothering the users.