Office 365 - Not Updating


We have Office 365 user based subscription.
Using VPP /JAMF we advertise and allow the installation of Office 365.
But.. Seems updates are not working.
We do have : Schedule Jamf Pro to automatically check iTunes for app updates at 5pm.

Automatically Force App Updates Automatically force updates for this app on computers (Managed Distribution)


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I have also noticed that Office 365 has a difficult time updating via VPP. I try using the "App Update" option in settings to force the updates and it seems to work for some machines but not others. I also notice that Outlook is incredibly difficult update. It almost seems that if you are using the app it will not update.
Furthermore, I am constantly checking many machines individually to flush the failed commands for office when they happen. It seems as though if the app fails to install you will need to flush the commands so that when the machine checks back in it will try to re-download.
Please bump this request up.

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From various posts on this forum, I am lead to believe that the VPP app update ability is currently broken in Jamf. Someone correct me if it has been fixed?

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@snowfox and @Mateo137 It's not Jamf Pro. The MAS Office apps have problems updating in general. See Office in the Mac App Store for more details.

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@sdagley Thanks for the info. This is helpful.