OVPN per user file distrobution

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Hi everyone,
We are moving to AWS VPN Client(OpenVPN) and I was hoping to distribute the per user ovpn config files via Jamf Pro. Could anyone point to resources for how to do this? I have searched the forums but have not found anything really relevant to this question.



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I am also looking for a solution to this one...


Anyone have any luck with this? I am also trying to figure out how to push the config so the end user doesnt need to add them themselves.

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You can do it with the OpenVPN Connect PKG

Upload it to your Jamf Pro and create a Policy to do the Deployment.

OpenVPN Connect v3 for macOS: https://openvpn.net/downloads/openvpn-connect-v3-macos.dmg

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We'll be using AWS Client VPN Endpoints to restrict our macOS PCs with VPN connection. As such we would like to use VPN Connection Type of custom SSL provided by Jamf Pro which allows Open VPN. But we've got stuck as we find no documentation on how to fill in the fields for customer SSL option to work with AWS VPN client endpoints and how to configure macOS if any. If you have succeeded in using custom SSL option, I appreciate if you could share the know-how for using custom SSL and help us to move forward.

Takdir Chowdhury

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I have published a script to distribute the profile along with the AWS VPN Client.
I would be happy to help you.


Hey enpipi was wondering if you can help me with edit and using your script