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I have been racking my brain for the last couple of days trying to solve this problem. I can't seem to get my image to work and be setup the way I want it to and I cant get past the "The imaging process is finishing installing software screen" Here is what I'm doing:

  1. Create an image with AutoDMG include CreateAdminPkg
  2. Create a config Profile with a First Boot Script:
  3. Add a package with my Configuration Profiles set to install on Boot Drive

When I dont set the Config Profiles and First boot to run on bootdrive, the config profiles don't install and the first boot script doesnt work.

When I set them to install on boot drive the computer gets stuck in the loop.

All I want to do is setup a Never Booted Image with config profiles installed, bound to AD, and with the settings of the First boot script applied. Am I doing something wrong? I have been looking at this for a few days and might be missing something very simple.


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One of your packages may be waiting for user input. Have you checked the contents of /var/log/jamf.log on the machine you are trying to image?

I generally stick with the Casper tools (Imaging/checking the checkbox to "install on boot drive after imaging") and have good luck, at least with Casper Imaging 9.65 (not 9.64 or 9.63). Suggest you do that, and then try to work with @rtrouton's script AFTER you get a solid imaging workflow going (i.e. test any/all of your packages and profiles with Casper Imaging). If nothing else, using the JAMF tools means that you get to contact them for support. They can't help you with the third-party script.


I am running 9.63 and when I check the /var/log/jamf.log It seems that the computer gets stuck on the Checking for policies triggered by... Its not consistent on which policy its checking for triggers but I have found networkstatechange comes up more often then not.

All of the packages work when I install them directly onto the computer, but for some reason it just will not stick when I image.

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Is the first boot script triggering other policies? That might be the cause of the loop.

In our case we normally install config profiles via MDM to keep the script simpler.

Here's a blog about it:


From what I can tell there isnt anything in the script that triggers policies. It mainly disables all of the annoying login and management things like making the login set to username and password as well as disabling the icloud popup.

Here is an error I am getting from the /var/log/jamf.log file

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Those errors don't seem to be stopping the script, they're just complaining about some missing preference files.

What's the last part the jamf.log file is getting stuck on when it's on the jamfhelper screen (you can check with ssh and the tail command)?


So I double checked the jamf.log and the only thing that it gets stuck at is looking for policies triggered by "NetworkStateChanged"

I checked the script and there isnt any evidence that it is stuck in a loop and waiting for interaction. I have heard that the computers getting stuck at the "Installing additional Software" might be a bug in 9.63. I can reach out to my TAM and see what he has to say. So far I created a Policy that my IT team can run after the computer is imaged, but I was trying to make it really easy for them.

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@ndudley we're on 9.63 & am not seeing similar.

But, we don't use Rich's first boot. Instead, our workflow is using processes built into the suite.

Not sure what, if any difference that would make.

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We had issues getting the firstboot script to fire at the correct time, so I created a package (First_Boot.pkg) that drops down two things:
1. into /Library/Scripts
2. launchdaemon that calls /Library/Scripts/

The package is installed during imaging time and runs via launchdaemon outside of the JAMF firstrun process.

More details are in this thread.