Packaging and deployment of AutoCAD 2023 Installation with Network server

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I am trying to package and deploy AutoCAD 2023 with Network server license but It is not working for me. I am using script from following sites with customising to our licensing server and pKey but still no joy:

Also try to customise the scripts from following site but didn't work.


The issues that it is coming up with are like:

Crashes while launching the app.

Sometime after installation it starts to roll back!! And uninstalls AutoCAD folder from  /Application Folder.

Doesn’t create data file then comes up with error can’t find the data file while doing activation.

Any idea please.




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I use this for 2022. You can modify it and see if it helps.  I do the installation via Self Service.


## postinstall
## Mount dmg disk
hdiutil attach -nobrowse /private/tmp/AutoCAD2022_Installer/Autodesk_AutoCAD_2022.2_macOS.dmg
## Install AutoCAD 2022
sudo /Volumes/Installer/Install\ Autodesk\ AutoCAD\ 2022\ for\ --silent
## Activate AutoCAD 2022 with single type network license server
sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Autodesk/AdskLicensing/Current/helper/AdskLicensingInstHelper change --prod_key 777N1 --prod_ver 2022.0.0.F --lic_method NETWORK --lic_server_type SINGLE --lic_servers "Port@ServerIP"
sudo chown -R $USER /Users/$USER/Library/Application\ Support/Autodesk
exit 0 ## Success
exit 1 ## Failure

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I am currently trying to deploy AutoCAD 2023 my self.  I have the package built and I can run it successfully.  It will install AutoCAD and I can launch it perfectly.  The big issue I am having is the fact that we don't use a single type network license server.  We use the redundant type network license server so I can't get the software to recognize the three servers we use so that it will just launch for the user and not prompt them to enter the license information. I know that the server connections do work because I am able to manually enter the server information and it connects and launches the software perfectly.  Any thoughts?

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I added dmg to a policy, cache the dmg and use this script to mount the dmg then install the application.

// Mount dmg disk
hdiutil attach -nobrowse ~/Library/Application Support/JAMF/Waiting Room/Autodesk_AutoCAD_2023_macOS.dmg


// Install AutoCAD 2023

sudo /Volumes/Installer/Install Autodesk AutoCAD 2023 for --silent

changed the script, here is the update 


## Mount dmg disk
open /Library/Application\ Support/JAMF/Waiting\ Room/Autodesk_AutoCAD_2023.3_macOS.dmg

##Install AutoCAD 2023
sudo /Volumes/Installer/Install\ Autodesk\ AutoCAD\ 2023\ for\ --silent