Parental Controls/Snow Leo/Adobe Reader

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Here's the situation: 10.6.8 Unibody MacBook bound to AD--when you log in with an account, the user defaults with Parental Controls turned ON, regardless of AD group. No specific settings are defined and users have access to most everything they would as a Standard account--I have no idea why it defaults that way. Is there an efficient way to turn those off for 1,000 machines without touching them all?

My reason is that we have Reader X.1.3/4 running on most machines and they're having issue with it crashing on a print request. The reason I ask about Parental Controls is when I turn them off, the same system prints fine. I've also updated to Reader 11 on several, and most work with the update, but there were a couple that still needed the Parental Controls turned off. Am I just chasing randomness or does that make sense to anyone else? I've flattened a system, installed it with just OS 10.6.8 and Reader X.1.4 and bound to AD, logged in as any AD user to repeat the crash.

Thoughts, theories and ideas are appreciated.... If I'm on the right track, reassurance would be great, too. THX--DVG

Dusty VanGilder