Password prompt when removing Network filters


Has anyone found a way to bypass a password prompt when removing applications, system extensions or network filters on a machine via jamf policy. We are trying to silently remove something from users machines but we get a pop up for password prompt when doing so


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@ajamfadmin1810 Change the System Extension Types in the System Extensions payload of the Configuration Profile(s) you deployed to approve those extensions to "Removable System Extensions"

Ahh ok that makes sense for sys extensions, thank you. What about for applications that are prompting for a password to remove?

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What applications and how are you trying to remove them?

Cisco anyconnect and we are using an execute command within the policy to call the uninstall script already on the laptop

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AnyConnect is an app known for its unfriendly display of a prompt to the user when running the removal script via MDM. Unfortunately I can't offer any solution, but if you ask on the #anyconnect channel of the MacAdmins Slack (sign up at you might get a useful response.

@ajamfadmin1810 - I would say for Cisco AnyConnect, you can try to execute this command via a Policy using Files & Processes Payload and Mac will not ask for the Admin password during the uninstallation even the user account is an standard. Let me know how it works. Thanks!

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