Patch policy fails to download: -1001

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I'm trying to run a patch policy to install a security update available in self service to a group of machines but all machines are coming back with the same errors in the logs:

Checking for patch ID 17
Executing Patch Policy macOS Mojave Error: Package was not successfully downloaded. -1001
Error installing patch SecUpd2021-002Mojave.pkg: Error Domain=com.jamfsoftware.payload.errors Code=806 "Could not download package" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Could not download package}

Our JAMF instance is cloud based and I can see the patch is there is Jamf admin so i'm not sure why it failing or what the errors mean so so would really appreciate any help, Can anyone shed some light on what these error codes mean? thanks


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Having this same problem today with an update we're pushing using patch management.