Please bring the buttons back

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Anyone else not a fan of the Logs, History, etc. buttons at the bottom right of the Jamf Pro interface being changed to much smaller and harder to hit icons?


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I agree that they're too small and I don't see a space saving need for the change as they're still within a dedicated footer.
Just wait until you try to use the site on mobile now. These buttons are way to small and close together use easily.


Agree, as per every possible GUI guideline, buttons should include a label to identify its purpose or action. They don't even resemble buttons. As for the icons being too small, they don't even make a good job of describing their function.

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Bringing back to the top. This is why you don't let designers run wild. Did Jamf hire Jony Ive to make the interface thinner?

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Agreed. But I'd upvote it if it were a feature request.

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Yes, I agree. Too small. Prefer the words.

Maybe provide us the option to use one or the other?

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Yes, I agree... My aging eyes had a hard time finding them this last time I needed to clone a policy. Also, bring it back to the top. Many times I need to edit it and bouncing all over the screen is not efficient.
@kevinwilemon I have... it was not fun!

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I'm in agreement here. I don't really like the icons. I fail to see the improvement they provide. As mentioned, they don't save any space, given that in most cases the Save or Edit button is still sitting alongside those small icons on the same row. So in the end they take up the same vertical space, just less horizontal space, but horizontal space in the GUI has never been an issue except in the case of large sets of data with many rows.

Plus, the UI looks a bit disjointed now with actual buttons (Save, Edit) alongside icons that aren't always easy to tell what they do.

The bottom line is, there are a lot of areas where Jamf can be making UI improvements. The buttons on those pages was probably near the bottom on my list, as I'm sure it was on most others. I'm not clear why they spent the time on redesigning this.

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Just bumping this so more people see the feature request link.