prayers to apple been answered... DEP device passcode disabled requiring connection to iTunes...

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it would appear my bug report to apple has been answered, and now DEP devices with 9.0.2 can be connected to any existing wifi and have their passcode removed by MDM and then connected to iTunes.

I am also noticing iPads that are apple config supervised are also having their passcode instantly removed.

And for those who haven't heard already, there is also now the ability to disable passcode. which is great for non 1 to 1 devices.


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By this do you mean once the user enters the wrong password too many times and it would usually need to be wiped, it will now instead allow connection to a wireless network and have the requirement to connect to itunes removed and the device unlocked?

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Yeah that was the case for one of mine, but it had to be connected to iTunes.

The second time I did it I connected it to apple config, which also removed it, but it didn't connect its wifi.

So I locked it out the second time, and then I couldn't unlock it again.

It appears to be an improvement but not perfect.

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Do you mean when the iPad is locked you get some wifi settings to connect it to a wifi network?

We sometimes get users/students who forget their passcodes and come to us but we're unable to do anything because the iPad has been "sleeping" for too long and is no longer connected to the wifi.