Preventing Install macOS from automatically opening when downloaded

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Hello Everyone!

Has anyone been able to prevent the Install macOS Catalina app from opening automatically when downloaded as a Mac App Store App? Our organization is planning to deploy Catalina (albeit a little late), and I would like to have our users download the app as an App Store App instead of a pkg hosted on our jamf cloud instance. I would prefer this method since everyone is working from home, and I don't want everyone to download a 8.23 GB file from our jss at once.

Any advice?


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@horganj76 What's downloaded from the App Store is not necessarily the full installer. Apparently depending on the phase of the moon, you might end up with a stub version that downloads the required resources when it's run

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Instead of pushing the App from the App Store, you could use softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer command. Create a policy that utilizes Files and Processes -> Execute Command. I would also do an inventory update at the end. Once the installer is downloaded, it will be moved to /Applications, but should not open.

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@RBlount I am not seeing the --fetch-full-installer command on the 10.14.6 version of softwareupdate.
I guess we cannot use that to go from Mojave to Catalina, huh?

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@guidotti I always forget that option was not offered until Catalina. Sorry, for the bad information.

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You can download it once, and add it to Self Service, or push it out with Jamf Remote

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We are using the command:

softwareupdate --fetch-full-installer --full-installer-version 10.15.6

Unfortunately it still automatically launches the installer.

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If you're looking to download the Install macOS directly from Apple's servers, then Graham Pugh's erase-install will do that for you without actually starting the installer (and despite the name it also supports running the installer without erasing the Mac)