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I am experiencing an error with printers added via Casper. I am able to add the printer(s), but when users go to print they get an error message:

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I see the following error in the cups_error log:

/usr/libexec/cups/filter has insecure permissions

Issuing a 'chown root:wheel /usr/libexec/cups/filter/' fixes the issue, but I thought I'd report it in case anyone else encounters this problem.

Incidentally, the printers were added via Casper Admin 8.6 running on 10.8, and pushed out via Casper Remote 8.6 to a lab full of 10.7.4 machines.



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In addition, it seems that the "Add Printers" function in Casper Admin does not pick up on all printers. I only see a small subset of the printers on my admin machine when I go add them in Casper Admin. Sometimes clicking add printers again causes them to show up, sometimes it doesn't. Anyone else seeing this inconsistency?



I'm seeing this as well but in further testing I don't know that is completely a Casper issue. I just installed a clean base image via Casper and then downloaded and installed a print drivers directly from OCE. I then added the printer manually via System Preferences and I received the same error saying "The printer software was installed incorrectly."

I haven't tested this with a laptop fresh out of the box yet. Thanks for posting the temporary 'fix'.

I'm running Casper 8.6 installing 10.8.

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Just to echo what Kenny said, other on the Mac Enterprise mailing list have found the same. This is without Casper.

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The fix didn't work for me.

However if you look at the cups_error log like Andy suggested, I found out that in my case, the /Library/Printers/ folder had the insecure permissions.

After fixing the permissions on that folder, the error went away.

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After installing drivers and deploying printers for all of our printers, we only had this problem with the HP printers.

We had this problem with the following file:

File "/Library/Printers/hp/filter/hpPostProcessing.bundle/Contents/MacOS/hpPostProcessing" has insecure permissions (0100775/uid=0/gid=80).

Issuing the following command after installing drivers/printers took care of the issue:

sudo chmod g-w /L/Pri/hp/f/hpPo//M/hpP*

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Wondering if anyone has come up with any solutions that were not mentioned. The cups_error log is showing the same thing as hansonr55. However, running the sudo chmod did not work.

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Anyone else having this issue? We are having fits with it and I cannot find a reliable fix. I can repair it, but all that is necessary to break it again is for the user to "repair" permissions with Disk Utility or one of our policies run that repairs disk permissions as part of the policy. As soon as permissions are "repaired", the print system is broken again with 100% repeatability.

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Same issue here with this error on HP printers, it can be fixed by reseting the printing system and letting WGM add the printers again. Until for some reason the permissions have to be repaired, at which time the HP error comes back. It seems to be a never ending cycle.

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i was able to end the cycle with the following script

drvDir=$(ls /Library/Printers)
for p in $drvDir
  case "$p" in
    (InstalledPrinters.plist | PPDs )
      chmod -R 655 "/Library/Printers/$p";;

been months and hasn't came back