Profile EDU command fail to install

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I have a iPad Pro 12,9 - 2018 with iPadOS 14.0.1
The Profile EDU fails to update.
I'm looking for a solution.



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Hi @MFRA ,

I'm working on a customer with the same situation. I just completed setup of SFTP/ASM and enabled Jamf Pro Apple EDU Support, then tried to push the EDU profile out to devices but all came back with the same message as above. @vasko Any insight?

I also tried to remove all ASM synced classes and created a manually configured class and pushing that out to a test group, but this also failed.



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we just came across the same issue with users from LDAP and with classes created manually in Jamf Pro 10.28.0. The iPads in our case are all up-to-date and running 14.4.2


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Hey all,

I am encountering the same failed EDU config push as described above. Like Mike, our classes are manually created in Jamf Pro, iPad Is 6th gen, and is running 14.4.2.

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Hi there,

we have the same problem since 6 weeks, that install of EDU profile fails.
Update to latest Jamf Pro version doesn't help.
All Accounts come the same way from ASM via SFTP.

Interessting is, that I have several users where it works everytime and serveral where it fails every time.
That doesn't correspond to the used iPad for this user. It depends only on the user account.

iPad 1: with user A it works; with user B it doesn't work
iPad 2, 3, 4, 5: absolutely same behavior
It's reproducable with approximatly all my devices. Tested with iPadOs 14, 14.1, 14.2 and 14.4

Do you have any similar effects?

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We found our problem in a wrong configured class.

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any update?

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I am having the same issue. For some iPads, the EDU profile pushes out fine and for others, it fails. We have tried hard restarts, inventory updates, profile renewal. Nothing works. I haven't tried to remove the Jamf profile or re-enroll the iPads. I would not like to go down that route if I don't have to. 


Has anyone figuired this out? 

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I was having this issue as of a few days ago with a particular iPad and found that removing the class from Jamf and then importing again allowed the profiles to install correctly. I only had a test group of 1 iPad, so YMMV

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Any update on this? We are seeing the same issue with failing installs of EDU-profiles on several customer instances at the moment. Jamf updates done, testing with different scopes and on several iOS versions. We also triple-checked the guide No re-enrollment tested. We have a ticket open at Jamf and they are investigating in this at the moment.