Profile for home screen layout size?

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In iPadOS 13 there is the new option for the home screen layout to show "more" apps or "bigger" apps. "More" is the default but I would like the students to see "bigger" because this is easier for the younger ones. Is there a way to push this down via a profile? Or do I need to touch each iPad individually to set this preference?


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Created an account just to echo this preference. Has anyone found a way to change the new default at Settings > Home Screen & Dock > App Icons from More to Bigger? (Bigger being the typical layout through iOS 12)

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I haven't seen anything in my recent deep dive into configuration profiles, but would be interested in this for the same reason you indicated!

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Has anyone figured out how to do this?

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I am interested as well. Has anyone figured it out yet? thanks.

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I am also interested as well to enable this in Jamf. In addition, I'd like to turn off "Show Suggested and Recent Apps in Dock"