Program Would Like to Filter Network Content pop-up

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I have run into an issue with two programs now. Carbon Black (on premise) and Pulse Secure. Both programs include a network filter. I have instructions for each of them from the Vendor. They both include a Privacy Preferences Policy Control, System Extensions and Content Filter payloads. The Content Filter payload seems to create a Web Content Filter that can be viewed in System Preferences > Network. However, when I install the program I get a pop-up that asks me to allow Network Content Filtering (screenshot attached).
Per Jamf Support's suggestion I changed the System Extension payload from Allowed System Extensions (with the Team ID and specific System Extension) to Allowed System Extension Types and chose Network. This prevented the pop-up but upon restarting and going into System Preferences > Security & Privacy I got a message that said System Software from es-load (the same name as in the pop-up) was blocked from loading. Once I clicked Allow I got the same pop-up that I got previously.
I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the Filter Network Content pop-up and if so how did you approve it via a configuration profile?


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I have some config profiles for CrowdStrike and SEP. However, both are showing "null" in Network Preferences, and CrowdStrike installed it's own filter. I used all three options under System Extensions (Allowed Extensions, Allowed Extension Types, Allowed Team Identifiers). I did separate the System Extensions payload from the Privacy payload, so maybe there's a cross reference within the profile?

CrowdStrike's internally added network filter (after prompting):

The network filter from my profile:

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I'm running into the same problem with both crowdstrike and mcafee MCP.

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Found this profile by by digging around crowdstrikes documentation it might be helpful. I'm currently in process of testing. Still looking around for MCP.

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@mherbster did you get this figured out?