Publishing of Jamf Support hours?

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A few of use were surprised by Jamf being closed in the US yesterday, it might be helpful to publish that somewhere.


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I agree. I thought support was 24/7 due to the international customer base. I called support on a Saturday morning because I needed help with upgrading my server and ended up waking the guy who was on-call that week. I felt like a horrible human being.

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I had a botched upgrade to 10.2.0 Monday and was less than amused by their decision to be closed w/o any notification (other than when you're stuck and calling the support line/opening a ticket online). Not even an on-call support person. very unacceptable. I was grateful for the slack community on #jamfnation that was able to resolve the issue, but jamf relying on the community to handle support is not a good business practice.

We've been with jamf for a LONG time and will chalk this up to a brain fart on behalf of their management.

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I needed to call for support a few months ago. No phone number is listed in my support assets. Only chat and email are available to me.