Push Certificate renewal

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Our certificate is due for renewal, however our IS director left last week and doesn't appear to have documents what Apple ID was used to create the Push Notification Certificate. If there anyway in Casper to determine this?

If not, will there be any repercussions to end users if we have to replace the certificate with a new one from a new Apple ID (re-enroll, accept a certificate, etc...)?

Thank you!


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Hi @akehren,

Unfortunately, there is no way within the JSS to determine what Apple ID was used to create the APNS certificate. Even more unfortunately, replacing the certificate will result in needing to re-enroll any iOS devices that are currently enrolled.

If you have a few IDs you think it might be, you can try logging in with them here: https://identity.apple.com/pushcert

If you find the certificate for your JSS, you can then renew it.

Good luck!


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Login to the JSS with an account that has the appropriate access level and click Renew link for the Cert in question. Management Settings-Global Management- Push Certificates. Unless I'm mistaken, it doesn't ask for the apple ID. πŸ™‚

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Repercussions, yes. Last year I made the mistake of updating the APN certificate with a different Apple ID than what was used originally. All of my iPads lost connection with the JSS. They all had to reenroll. 😞 Hope you can use some of the recommendations here to find out which Apple ID was used!