Push out updates on ipads

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Does the JSS have the capability to force ipads to update the iOS? i have multiple ipads that need updated and I could or like to do it over night


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Create an Advanced Search for the group you'd like to update. Click View. Click Action. Click Send Remote Commands. Click Update iOS Version on supervised devices (yes, they must be supervised to do this). Then at the bottom choose if you want the iPad to just download the update or download AND install the update.

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Note you cant schedule updates for a later time.

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Also, as in user based updates, the update will not install if the battery is less than 50% and not connected to a charger, or if there is not enough room on the device to download and install the update (the needed space would depend on the current iOS installed)

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Also learned today - if there are passcodes on any of the devices, the install portion won't happen. Clear any passcodes with that remote command first (there is a product issue filed for this and there are hopes it will be corrected in an upcoming release)...

Is there a way to reset the passcode in mass to all of the devices after the update happens?