Push Proxy Certificate Unable to Renew with Jamf Pro 10.23

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I'm creating a new discussion on this topic because in our case this issue was linked to our cloud instance getting upgraded to version 10.23. This simple details are that we are unable to save our Cloud Services Connection credentials and so when we try and renew our Push Proxy Certificate that just spins with no error or acknowledgement. The certificate is expired and we can tell that it expired right after our cloud server was upgraded to 10.23 on 8/8/20.

When the credentials are entered and the Save button is clicked nothing appears to happen. So we are stuck and some things aren't working. I've opened a support ticket with Jamf but I'm wondering has anyone else had this problem specifically since the 10.23 update?


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No issues here, and I upgraded last week (on-prem). Are you seeing any errors in the server logs?

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I concur. We are on version 10.24.2-t1600451425
Our push proxy cert will expire tomorrow. When I press the renew button, nothing happens. The frame refreshes but the expiration date is the same. Any suggestions?

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Our push proxy cert will expire tomorrow.

That's normal, they expire after 1 day (and should be auto-renewed).

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Mine has been expired for a year now:
Push Certificate Type
Jamf Pro Server Identifier The identifier Jamf Pro uses to communicate with the proxy server
Expiration Date
11/08/2019 at 8:41 AM

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Never mind. Had to create a new one with the new Jamf Nation login (JamfID)