pushing bookmarks in safari using jamf pro config profile

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i would like to push bookmark in safari using jamf pro config profile.

I know we can push bookmark in chrome using jamf pro config profile (you just push it in xml).

But does anyone know/have config profile for pushing bookmark in safari ?


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You can't use a config profile for Safari bookmarks.
There are a number of scripts to manipulate the relevant .plist, but those will all be best efforts by the community and are not guaranteed to work.

Don't forget about the Bookmarks feature in Self Service.

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If you are needing to manage bookmarks, you are better served using another browser. Apple really does not (any longer) build Safari in a way that is conducive to being managed. 

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You can always publish the bookmarks in Self Service and they'll launch in the end user's default browser.

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Having people leave the browser to open self service to find a book mark does not seem like a reasonable work around.