QuickAdd package enrollment doesn't work

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Hi There,

I'm relatively new to Jamf (I've been only managing Mobile devices so far) and I'm trying to enroll now using both user-initiated enrollment & QuickAdd package enrollment methods. Neither of them works.
Basically the first let me login, asks me to download the QuickAdd package, I install it successfully (and the portal confirms that the enrollment is complete) but nothing on the iMac happens. There is no MDM profile to be approved under "Profiles".

I therefore created with Recon a new QuickAdd package and installed it locally on the same iMac. The installation succeeded but same issue, no MDM profile to be approved.

Is there anyone who had a similar issue happening and know how to fix it?
I'm looking at the admin guide but can't find anything really helpful for this specific issue.

Thank you!


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QuickAdd packages are for older OSes. The web page should be offering to install an MDM profile first on the more recent OS versions.

Is the MDM / push cert setup ok on Jamf Pro?

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Exactly, though that's the only option I got when doing user-initiated enrollment.
MDM and push cert are setup ok in to Jamf Pro.

I also believe I found out the reason why this is happening: it appears there aren't yet licenses available for the iMacs, therefore I'll have to wait for them to be added.

Thank you for the help!

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I'm having the same issue. I have multiple newer MacBook running Catalina. When I try to enroll it is giving me a quickadd PKG instead of the profiles. When I run the PKG it does add a mdm profile but none of my configurations apply and nothing seems to be working.

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Which version of the JSS are you using?

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I suggest enrolling in the Apple developer program, then enabling user initiated enrollment with your Apple developer cert. You also have the ability to download a quickadd package URL using user initiated enrollement. It'll be much easier for your technicians overall. The first half of this document will guide you through obtaining a cert.