"iPhone is Disabled" Does not receive any MDM commands

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I have an unsupervised iPhone that the user has forgotten the password for and got it wrong enough times to disable the iPhone. Obviously there isn't a backup and the data on the device is essential. ;)

The phone has since been restarted and now shows disabled for 1 hour. It will not receive the Clear Passcode command either during this hour, or once the hour is up.

It has an active 4G connection and receives iMessages, WhatsApp and calls, so APNS must be working right? But no MDM commands are being processed.

Any ideas? It's an SE running 10.3.2



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You could try an ethernet rig. If that doesn't work, you'll likely need to restore the phone.

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Yeah, everything I was reading was pointing to that, I thought cellular connectivity might give me other options but it's not looking likely.