"Remove App if MDM Profile is Removed" Question

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So as the title suggests, I have a question about the "remove app if mdm profile is removed" option for mobile device apps in JAMF :

  1. If we have this option unchecked for an app and we completely wipe a device that had the app installed onto it, does this mean that, even though the iPad was completely wiped through JAMF, the app will still be on the device when set up for a new student?

  2. Will this mess up licenses for said apps? Meaning that if we have this option unchecked and wipe a device will this not cause the app license to not be marked as "unused" and returned to our pool of unused licenses?

I guess I'm just a little confused when it comes to what this option actually does/means. My institution is trying to find a best practice way to use iCloud backups with managed apple ids for replacement devices if a student needs one. We read that leaving the "remove app if mdm profile is removed" option checked for apps will interfere with some app data being collected when doing iCloud backups and therefore not make doing iCloud backups for students worth it. Removing the option was recommended for doing backups this way.

Sorry for the long post and I appreciate any help!

Thank you!


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I believe that option is for if the user removes only the MDM profile from the device. Wiping the device should remove everything and shouldn't load anything back on until it's re-enrolled with the MDM.