"The file received was not valid" error while importing a new VPP token

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I am attempting to import a new VPP token that I have downloaded from Apple business manager. Every time I try to do this, I get an error saying "The file received was not valid". I have tired using a different web browser. I have rebooted Jamf Pro, and I rebooted the entire Ubuntu server VM. The Jamf Pro server log does show an error at the time I attempted to import the token. I have an open case with Jamf for this, but if anyone knows how to solve this, that would be wonderful 😊


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Jamf support asked me to try importing using a private browser window. That did it for me.

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Maybe it does not like the two dots in the filename. Try renaming to remove just one dot.

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@chris.hansen Good idea, but that did not solve the issue. Thanks for your help! None of my other Jamf Pro servers need a VPP renewal, so I haven't tried this on another server.


I'm also getting this with my ADE token upload today. Renaming the file did not resolve it, but after I downloaded the Public Key from ASM and reuploaded to jamf, I was able to upload the ADE token successfully.

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Jamf support asked me to try importing using a private browser window. That did it for me.

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I encountered this error today. Downloading our JSS DEP Public key, Uploading it to Apple School Manager, Downloading a new DEP Token from Apple School Manager, Uploading it our JSS DEP resolved it.

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Thanks - this worked for me today as well.

Worked for me too, cheers.

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This fixed it for ours as well, thank you.

This was the solution we are really looking for. Thanks.

That private browser didn't work much for me.

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Someone should really change the "solution" on this post as this downloading the public key process is what really works.

(Hello future me who finds this in November of 2023!)

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Life saver, thank you
This worked for me

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Yep. This needs to be marked as the solution...not using a private browsing window...

  1. Jamf
    1. In your Jamf Pro server, go to Settings > Global > Automated Device Enrollment
    2. Click "Public Key"
  2. Apple
    1. Log in to ASM/ABM
    2. Click your account in the lower left, then Preferences
    3. Select MDM server being updated
    4. Edit the MDM server
    5. Upload New (under MDM Server Settings/Upload Public Key)
    6. Upload the public key you just downloaded from Jamf
    7. Download the token for that MDM server
  3. Jamf
    1. In Settings > Global > Automated Device Enrollment, click on the MDM serving being updated
    2. Click "Upload Server Token File" and select the token just downloaded from Apple

That should do it.

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Downloading our JSS ADE Public key from Jamf, uploading it to ASM and then re-downloading the server token is what was needed for us. A private browser wasn't necessary in our case.

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Worked for me as well. Thank you!

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Had this happen to me again today. Don't download a new public key unless you have to - it will invalidate the old one and you'll have to upload it to Apple School/Business before getting the new Token from there. 

Jamf really could have updated the error message by now.