Recommendations on Managed AV for Mac solution?


Right now we are currently using Microsoft SCEP for Mac, they are stopping support next month. I am looking for a managed (preferably cloud based) AV that is easily deployable with Jamf Pro. Any recommendations?


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Sophos endpoint solution works pretty well. Although it requires a small script to get it set up and working to be deployed via Jamf. Once set up seems work like a charm.

Here is a link to the script and set up :

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I've had good luck with both Sophos and Cylance. Cylance has been a bit easier to distribute in my experience. Still scripted, but not bad when following their documentation.

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I'll tell you which one not to use - McAfee. It's a bloody awful piece of work.
Sophos and recent SEP (Symantec) have been good though.
Clients run the gamut, but some are better than others. I suggest a search here and Slack for any product you might consider.
Admin's experiences are worth their weight in gold.

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Sophos has been a struggle for us. Support has been difficult to get solutions out of (took 3_ months to acknowledge finder extensions was making screenshots take 20+ seconds to create) and we are finding that its actually missing malware inside of files. My most recent case I submitted a suspect file to and it showed that a number of databases protect against this particular infection, but Sophos showed it as clean.84b73b3ef2364552adca779badbd48fe
I am personally going to be pursuing Fortinet for mac protections when my contract is up.