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Is there a script I can use to set the computers to recon at the end of the imaging process? I am also looking for a way to recon all the computers in the company without going to the specific computer one-by-one. I have currently been using the network scanner to scan the company's network and then enrolling the systems into the JSS, however that method isn't working too well. I am picking up only about 8-10 computers a day at company that holds hundreds of users.


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Can you clarify what you actually mean by "recon"? The term recon technically means submitting inventory, but from what you posted, it sounds like you're talking about enrolling into the JSS for management. These are 2 different things. I know the can enroll Macs, so its a little confusing.

As for the Macs in the company, do you happen to have something like ARD to manage them as well? If so, you could build out a QuickAdd.pkg and send that to the Macs via ARD to get them enrolled into Casper.
If not, truthfully either touching every Mac manually or using Network Scanner in may be your only choices.
There is also user self enrollment by enabling that in your JSS and the user opens a link to something like and follows the instructions.
You could send the link out in an email and use the carrot approach to get them to self enroll. Promise of making software installations easy with Self Service, remote support, OS upgrades, etc etc.

As for recon'ing at the end of the imaging process, again, are you talking about enrolling, or getting inventory? Because if using Casper Imaging, then both should be happening after imaging automatically.

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I always stick a quickadd at the end of all my imaging configurations, because I have had inconsistent results with Casper Imaging enrolling the machine at the end. I think it may be our network in the hospital because it works more consistently in the College of Medicine, but just dropping in a quickadd fixes that particular issue.

FWIW we used the enrollment process to make an excuse to lay eyes on machines and proactively help users meet compliance during the visit. Time consuming, yes, but I think the overall result was a smoother transition from OMGITSTHEWILDWEST to we're actively managing your systems to meet organizational policy.


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Honored Contributor III & @Kaltsas I've detailed my imaging process here, at the end of which we run a Postflight Policy which updates inventory.

No additional QuickAdds needed.

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@mm2270 Yea I was talking about enrolling systems into the JSS. We need to get all systems enrolled so that we can better manage the systems through casper. But I am trying to find the best route without having to manually install 1 by 1.

Legendary Contributor II As mentioned before, if you don't have an existing management tool in place on these Macs that can push out a QuickAdd.pkg built from (like ARD, etc), the other options are, touch each Mac yourselves to enroll, let users self enroll thru the enrollment URL on your JSS, or use the's Network Scan feature to see what you can grab.
It would be nice if that feature in Recon worked directly off the JSS instead of needing to keep a local application up and running and scanning small blocks of addresses at a time, but that is how it works, so YMMV on that. I've never had spectacular results with using Recon's Network scanning.

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@mm2270 Is it possible to push a script or policy out through the AD that will enroll all systems into the JSS that way?