Refresh EDU profile?

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Anyone know of a way to refresh the EDU profile on managed devices? We're experiencing an issue with Apple Classroom where student devices are claiming their EDU student/teacher certificates are expired, and refreshing the EDU profile appears to fix the problem, but currently the only method I'm aware of for doing so involves reassigning the device to a different user and then assigning it back to the original user. That's obviously not going to work for thousands of devices.


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We're seeing this also. I usually edit a class to force a refresh of the edu profile.

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Any solution to this?  At the beginning of October we noticed this and I contacted Jamf and they pushed out an updated EDU profile.  I am still randomly seeing it with both students and staff and the only way I have figured out how to fix is by changing the owner and then changing it back (as JKoopman mentioned).  This is fine for one or two but we are now again seeing multiple students with the issue.  We really need a way to push the edu profile out ourselves.....

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The edu profile is generated automatically by Jamf based on background calculations. You will need to change something in a class associated to the affected users to force a refresh. I usually add a teacher or student to a test class to force a refresh. The refresh can usually take a while to come through. 

There is also a search criteria you can create to see who is affected by this:

Certificate Name - not like - member: JSS Built-In Signing Certificate


Profile Name - has - EDU


This should list users affected by the edu profile PI-010204


Here's another post that goes into more detail: