Remove specific WiFi on iOS/iPadOS

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Our users can use a specific guest WiFi to enroll their devices. This WiFi does not have access to any other sites than the ones needed for enrollment. The correct WiFi is rolled out via configuration profile.

Is there a way to remove the guest WiFi automatically after the correct one is installed via that configuration profile?



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I've asked the same question of our Apple SE and Jamf, the answer has been No. There isn't a way to remove the Wifi automatically if it was manually selected. It has to be manually forgotten on the device.

Our solution for mass device rollout has been to use Apple Configurator. We provision the wifi to the device with our preferred wifi profile from Jamf prior to distribution to the user, so that the device will automatically connect to the correct wifi without having to use the enrollment network.


The closest we have come to something that would do this was pushing a profile for the guest or onboarding network with the "automatically connect" box turned off. This way it should disconnect in favor of your final WiFi profile. It will also prevent people from sitting on the network as it will not reconnect constantly.

I haven't tried that, I'll give it a shot and see how it works.

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I have tried that and it doesn't seem to work.

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You can prevent a device from joining an unmanaged network, but since this would also prevent the user from connecting to their home network, this may not be what you are looking for.  Are devices preferring the Guest WiFi over your managed WiFi?  Is "Auto Join" selected in your WiFi profile?


One option might be to set up a provisioning network SSID that is only for use when enrolling devices.  Once devices are deployed, remove that network.  Or enroll devices using Configurator 2 so that they are set up and on the production WiFi when you hand them to the end user (although this doesn't work well with authenticated enrollment).

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Few options:
- keep your existing enrollment SSID enabled only during enrollment times

- enroll using lightning to ethernet adapter

- enroll using Apple Store SSID and power off when not enrolling

- enroll using random generated SSID and power off when not enrolling; change SSID name each time