Removing Applications, and the won't reinstall or the say it's installed but it isn't

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Here is the issue. We have MS Teams set in our Self-Service. I uninstall it by just dragging it to the trash and deleting it. When I go back in to self-service and run it again, I get the successful prompt that we setup and it adds the ? to the dock, but it's not installed. 


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@SMR1 Describing the configuration of your MS Teams install policy, and any other policies that it might trigger, would help to diagnose what's going on with your re-install.

Without that info the only thing I'd guess is that you've got a separate policy to actually install the Teams .pkg that is called from your Self Service Teams policy, and the policy that's actually installing the .pkg uses a Smart Group showing Teams is installed as an exclusion and because deleting an app by dragging it to the trash does not update the Jamf Pro inventory automatically that Smart Group is still going to report Teams is installed until the Mac updates its inventory.

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maybe a look into the installation log might be helpful. I had a similar problem while installing an app and inside the log (to be found at the installation profile job) told me the failure. The install button at the Self Service.APP went to "successfull" but the log was shown a failure.

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you have to clear the Installation flag (flush) on the workstation and also do an Jamf inventory so that it can detect it is not installed.