Removing Devices from DEP

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Question is there a way that we can remove computers from DEP or is this something that would only be able to be done from a vendor/Apple level.


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You can remove them in Apple School Manager/Apple Business Manager.
You can disassociate them from your MDM servers
or completely take them out of DEP (which is permanent/NOT reversible)

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Hi so it has to be firstly removed from Apple Business Manager right and nothing from JAMF console.

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@CSD It is not quite that simple. If the device is enrolled in Jamf, removing it from ABM will not remove management, nor remove the device record from Jamf. However, if you unassign a device in ABM (or release it), it will be removed from any PreStage scope in Jamf and Jamf will not try to enroll the device if it wiped.

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Is there any way to remove un-registered devices from the trash? I still see devices from 2 years ago, all I can do is re-register them?!