Resetting a cloned VM

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I make a lot of Fusion VMs for testing. I would like to have JAMF already installed to save having to Recon them each time. JAMF Pro sees the clone as the same machine each time. Is there a way to force JAMF Pro to see this as a new machine.

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you could have a quickadd.pkg and a startup script to install it on first boot. You would just need to approve UAMDM afterwards.

Other than DEP, any other method I can think of would still require you to approve UAMDM, so I'd just go with the simplest option.

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Thanks David. That didn't work for me. I have raised a case and will report back once I have the answer.

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I cracked it in the end. These were the steps.

  • Duplicate the machine to be cloned in the Finder
  • Move it to a new folder
  • Show package content and delete the .nvram file
  • Open the machine in Fusion. It will ask you if it was moved or copied. Select copied
  • The machine will now have a new UDID and be a different machine when enrolled

I removed the .nvram from the machine I used as a template for my new machines. That also worked and means I don't have to remember to do it each time.

I was having the above issue when cloning/copying VMs in esxi.

So far this only works for me before I install the jamf pkg.

From the VM you want to install jamf on open a terminal and

run: sudo nvram -d platform-uuid

and reboot the device. This should give a new hardware ID.

use: ioreg -rd1 -c IOPlatformExpertDevice | grep IOPlatformUUID

to check before running the above command and rebooting and after the reboot to verify the UUID changed.

So far this has resulted in over 10 clones/copied VMs being able to properly have unique ID's in jamf pro/protect.