Restoring iCloud backups

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Here is the attempted workflow.

A student breaks an ipad Air 2 screen and brings their ipad to me
Their iPad is running iOS 10.0.2
I create an iCloud backup using their managed apple ID on their device
I pull a spare iPad 4 from supply and wipe with iTunes and install factory iOS 10.0.2
In Setup Assistant on the iPad 4, I choose Restore from iCloud
I log in with managed Apple ID, and choose a backup.

After several minutes, I see the message "Cannot Restore Backup"

Initially I thought this was because of a bad iCloud backup, but it has happened on 5 different iPads. It also occurs when I attempt to restore onto an iPad Air2.

-Note- I cannot attempt to create an iTunes backup, because our iPads are managed by our MDM and cannot sync with iTunes.

Brave community, any thoughts?

Thank you!


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I had 2 students with the same issue. The restore would get right to the end and say it cannot be completed. I couldn't get the restore to work for either of them and had to end up not restoring the iPads. They just had to start fresh. Most stuff is stored in Google Drive so I don't think they lost much. This was at the time of IOS 10 update.

I even contacted apple about it and they asked for logs and apple id's being used. They couldn't help very much and I was wasting too much time on it so I just gave up.

I created a discussion a while back but didn't get much attention. I can only assume the issue is with IOS 10 backups getting corrupted in some way.