Revert back to iOS 12.1.4 using JSS

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Does anyone know if it's possible to downgrade iOS on mobile devices using JSS or how one might be able to do so on a Managed device? the new Apple update 12.2 is causing some issues with our native software and I am hoping to revert back up of our updated devices until our team is able to create a fix



Not possible trough jamf (or any other MDM Service for that matter).

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Bummer, okay, any insight on how this might be done manually or are we just totally in the weeds once an upgrade occurs? I was able to prevent the auto update for the time being but apparently Apple will only let you defer and update for 90 days max

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@maida.soehl Not any longer, there's a short period of time following every iOS release where Apple continues to sign and authenticate the previous version (and that ended 4 days ago). You would need the device to be plugged into iTunes and restored using the ipsw file associated with that particulate iOS device (there's a different build for each iOS device type).