roll up multiple install pkgs into one using composer

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Hi All,

Super noob to composer , i want to know how (if at all possible) i can roll up three separate installs ( Skype for business, Carbon black and an sccm install) into one pkg file. to deploy to the Mac users in our business.

Any help is much appreciated!


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My thought would be to use composer in these ways.
1. Place the three PKG's in /tmp folder.
2. In composer drag and drop these three PKG's from /tmp.
3. write postinstall script to install those PKG's and after successful install remove those PKG's from /tmp location.

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@HelpdeskWMUK you can certainly do that and the method above describes one way that I use. Another would be to write a self service or automated policy that pushes all three individual packages in a prescribed order.

In short you could also use various packaging tools to combine, but would NOT recommend that in your case. If one of your three packages get revised by the developer, it's back to work for you on the combined package. If you push them separately but in a prescribed order in the same policy, you can simply upload a new version of the package through Casper Admin, and update the packages that get pushed in your policy. Much less tinkering around.