Screen Sharing

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I have a request from a department to have some sort of screen sharing ability on some remote machines. Security's requirement is that it authenticates against AD/LDAP.

Since the internal VNC doesn't do that, I was thinking screen sharing. but it only seems to let me authenticate if I use my local admin account - which I don't want to be the case...

So my question is - is there a VNC app that can have a plugin to work with LDAP/AD or is there a way to use screensharing in that method?


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In the Sharing preferences, is access being allowed for all users? I'm thinking that it is specifying that only your admin account be allowed access.

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@John, iirc ARD allows you to add domain accounts/groups.

Are these PC techs?

Tbh, I'm looking at something similar. VNC might not work as you need the logged in users account details to join their session.

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I'm probably missing something obvious, but why not Casper Remote? Don't want to support the app, or maybe they are PC users?

We have Casper Remote set up so only certain AD users can use it and users are always prompted.

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If I had to guess, he doesn't want to use Casper Remote as it gives remote to all the machines in the environment and not just an enclave. That whole federated control model we've been looking for for years...

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I think Jared is on to something here. Casper Remote privileges can be set to an LDAP group. It would also allow the remote user to look up computers by name, or whatever else is in inventory. You can further force them to request VNC access too, so they cannot just connect with out the end user allowing it.