Self Service branded icon location


Can anyone tell me the location of the Self Service company branded icon.
This is not the Jamf icon found in Applications/Self

I am after the branded icon that you upload into the Branding section of Self Service in Jamf Pro.

The reason I ask is I wanted to add this to messages we send out using Jamf Helper and -icon "full path to icon location"

I would have thought this would be locally on the machine somewhere, but I have had no luck looking for it on the machine, or within Jamf Nation posts.

Many thanks


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Is this what you're looking for?

/Library/Application Support/JAMF/

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@sdunbar , just note.. I'm not too sure that get's updated until a user opens Self-Service with the new branded icon.


Thanks @bramstedtb, but I don't think this is it, as that still looks like the jamf logo, I am after our own branded icon that we uploaded into the Branding section of Self Service


@JustDeWon Is that then saved locally on the users machine, or is it pulled down from the Jamf server, which would explain why I cannot find it?

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edited to the correct path below

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Actually @sdunbar it's ~/Library/Application Support/com.jamfsoftware.selfservice.mac/Documents/Images/brandingimage.png that's where it updates


@JustDeWon BINGO, that is it, many thanks indeed!

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see edit above..

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@sdunbar You have to open Self Service for the icon to be updated. Self Service must be opened 1x for that icon to change (on every machine)

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FWIW, I pull the icon off the JSS and paste it on via script, so Self Service doesn't have to be opened. The URL is https://yourjss:8443/stored-images?id=1

The icon geometry is a little off compared to when I was building custom Self Service apps before branding was available, but it seems to work.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Upgrade self service with custom icon
# by Joshua See February 1, 2019

tmpdir=$(mktemp -d /tmp/ss_upgrade_XXXXX);
cd "${tmpdir}";

echo -n "Starting downloads... ";
/usr/bin/curl -sO https://yourjss:8443/bin/SelfService.tar.gz; # Download SS
/usr/bin/curl -s "https://yourjss:8443/stored-images?id=1" -o ss_icon.png; # Download icon
echo "Downloads done.";

# convert from archive to app
/usr/bin/tar -xzf SelfService.tar.gz || (echo "Failed: Unable to dearchive." && exit 1);

# If SS is running, quit it gracefullly.
/usr/bin/pgrep -fil Self.Service && /usr/bin/osascript -e 'tell app "Self Service" to quit';

# Clear SS cache
rm -rf /Users/*/Library/Caches/com.jamfsoftware.selfservice.mac;

# Build a utility to customize the SS icon
cat > <<SLICEOPY
#!/usr/bin/env python
import Cocoa
import sys

Cocoa.NSWorkspace.sharedWorkspace().setIcon_forFile_options_(Cocoa.NSImage.alloc().initWithContentsOfFile_(sys.argv[1].decode('utf-8')), sys.argv[2].decode('utf-8'), 0) or sys.exit("Unable to set file icon")

/usr/bin/sed -i'bak' -E '/(exit.*)/q'; # In testing the termination string for the here file failed. This command truncates to where it is supposed to end.

chmod +x;

# Customize SS icon
./ ss_icon.png Self; &> /dev/null

# If new SS is kosher, replace existing Self Service 
if /usr/bin/codesign -v Self; then
    ver=$(defaults read $PWD/Self CFBundleVersion);
    echo "Self Service version ${ver} prepared. Moving into place.";
    rm -rf /Applications/Self;
    mv Self /Applications/;
    chown 0:0 /Applications/Self;
    chmod -R +r  /Applications/Self;

# Clean up
cd /
rm -rf "${tmpdir}";

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Does anyone know the location of the branded icon now as it doesn't appear to be in the location mentioned above?

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@JamieL Try one of the following locations:

  • /Library/Application Support/JAMF/bin/brandingImage.png
  • ~/Library/Application Support/com.jamfsoftware.selfservice.mac/Documents/Images/brandingimage.png

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@skeenan07 Doesn't seem to be in there either.

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Make sure you also set a custom header. Without it (starting with 10.27) neither image will come down.

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You can still find it by accessing the URL (change trailing 1 to 2,3, 4 until you find the one you looking for)