Self Service doesn't activate

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After installing Self Service (ver11.2.0-588) to managed iPad device, the app requests log in to JAMF Software Server.

This happens iOS 16.6.1 and 17.1.1, then it's possible to access internet.

Even after reseting iPad, reinstall App, it occurs.

I have no idea to solve it.

Help me.


Ok I stumbled my way in accessing the portal. LOL...Don't know how but I'm in...LOL

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Thanks everyone for discussing and teaching how to solve it.

I made the app work well after change setting as @naominix said.

Honestly, this post is the first time for me, and I was worried about if this issue occured just only my environment, then it wouldn't have been solved. But thanks for everyone's help, I achieved my goal and felt I'm not lonly.

If I'm in trouble again, I'll also post Jamf Nation Community.

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This problem seems to have been fixed in the following version.



11.2.1 (2023-11-16)
Resolved Issues

[PI115080] Resolved an issue that required the use of both the MANAGEMENT_ID and UDID keys in the Preferences field on the App Configuration tab for Self Service for iOS.