Self-Service Keeps Telling Me to Approve MDM Profile

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Hi everyone, 

I have an issue that just started happening where every time I launch Self-Service it tells me to approve the MDM profile, but it is already showing "Approved" 

As you can see below the MDM Profile in the background and the Self Service notification to approve.  When I try to run an app install in Self Service it is just spinning forever and nothing is happening.   Has anyone experienced this before?  Any solution?  Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 3.59.08 AM.png


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1st, Try renewing the profile

sudo profiles renew -type enrollment


2nd, if that doesnt work try removing the mdm profile & then try the command above (if in ADE/DEP) - if not, User initiated re-enroll.

sudo jamf removeMdmProfile






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Before thinking about re-enrolling. I would first try to make sure the mac is communicating to your Jamf instance. Try running 

sudo jamf checkjssconnection

then run sudo jamf manage 

if sudo jamf manage successfully works then run sudo jamf recon

Then follow it with sudo jamf policy. The last command updates the jamf binary and the self-service app

Yes I had checked that sudo jamf checkJSSConnection gave me a success message, which it did.  Next up I tried to run the sudo jamf recon, sudo jamf policy and sudo jamf policy. The only one I did not do what the sudo jamf policy in between.  I will rerun and do it again.