Self Service - practical policy limits


Was just seeing if anyone out there was extensively using Self Service and the number of available policies they had.

We require authentication to use Self Service, and all our Self Service policies are scoped to AD groups. We currently have about 75 policies available in Self Service, but I'm looking into an easier way for students and staff to be able to add all our district network printers (about 2000, random manufacturer/model).

In the past, we've had major issues with Self Service and the number of LDAP scoped policies... either to the point it took 3-4 minutes to navigate each page in self service, or self service login would time out.

Just for reference, we're on 8.31 in a clustered jss.


We're in the process of getting rid of all our powerpc xserves that hosted printing for each campus, and are migrating the macs to extremeZ-IP print queues on windows servers. We're having issues with the print drivers and filters needed for the different versions of OSX and ExtremeZ-IP only supports a single ppd file as opposed to all the files needed for some of the printers to work properly (Xerox, Konica, newer HP).