Set different iOS Wallpapers for different devices

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Hello everyone, i´m new User in JAMF Pro.

I´ve tried to set iOS wallpapers with Smart Mobile Device Groups.
The devices come over DEP.
There are two different PreStage Enrollment profiles für iPhones and iPads.
Also two different Smart Mobile Device Groups, one for iPhones, one for iPads.

In the two Smart Mobile Device Groups i set the wallpaper over Automated Management.

I want so set different Pictures für the Smart Mobile Device Groups.
When i set the picture for the iPad Smart Mobile Device Group, it´s also set for da iPhone Smart Mobile Device Group. The Same for the differently way.

Can anyone help me?



Did you clone the iPad Smart Mobile Group from the iPhone Smart Mobile Group but change details. When I cloned mine, there were linked together, couldn't separate the wallpapers. But when I made a totally new smart mobile group, it works great. Just a thought.

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Mr Nelson you were spot on thank you!