Set Preferred Wireless Network for 10.5


We're about to go through a wireless encryption change at one of the campuses, and trying to avoid having to have people attempt to locate 300 laptops on campus. Has anyone had any experience adding a wireless network profile and save into the system network settings for 10.5?

The resource kit has a script to connect to the network which uses the airport framework, but that is a one and done deal, and doesn't save the connection information locally on the machine (networksetup binary for 10.5 functions the same way). I can't utilize an offline casper script to connect at bootup, since those machines can migrate from campus and be used off site, and I'd rather not have a local script with a clear text password in it.

The networksetup binary for 10.6 has a handy "addpreferredwirelessnetworkatindex" to make things easy, but there isn't any equivalent for 10.5.


David Kucmierz
Mesquite ISD Technical Services