Settings in apps on iPads

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I'm pretty sure this can't be done, but I have to ask:

Is it possible to push app settings to iOS devices with Jamf Pro?

Specifically, we want to force the Camera App to use Most Compatible mode (JPEG/H.264) instead of the default High Efficiency (HEIF/HEVC) format.

On macOS devices, this would be a Configuration Profile, I imagine. However, I don't see Camera settings in Jamf's Configuration Profiles, nor in the Restrictions Payload.

Apple probably hasn't allowed such a thing in the MDM API, so Jamf probably can't do it, but I wanted to ask here, to be sure.


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It's actually up to the app developer to support this functionality. An example is how one configures the Self Service app to point to your Jamf Pro instance:

Manually Deploying Jamf Self Service for iOS

Step 16 shows the example XML code entered into the Preferences tab in the app catalog item. Variables (e.g. $SERIALNUMBER) can also be used to send device specific information.

Not sure if this is possible for buit-in apps (since there is no app catalog item used to install it) however. Perhaps a 3rd party camera app?

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We just came across this exact issue at our school. We use Edsby and their app doesn't support HEIF/HEVC photos. I'd love to take the confusion out of the equation for the teachers and students attempting to upload photos.