Shared iPad using pre-authentication for wireless on every user


I am in Higher Education and security is a big concern for us. I have been messing with Shared iPads for awhile now, testing different scenarios and features and I like it all for the most part. But when I decided to show my superiors what Shared iPads can do, the first question/concern out of the bat was having to do with wireless.

I was using my credentials as the wireless user on our network for all of the iPads to be on Wi-Fi so that users can login with their Managed Apple ID's (MID), for testing purposes. That will not fly here. Our security team would like to be able to monitor what device has who on it, based on who is logged into the Wi-Fi. So far, I have not been able to find a way to setup some sort of wireless pre-authentication type scenario on the iPad like you would have on a laptop. Since you need Wi-Fi to log users in using their MID, they would have to login to the network first and then use their MID to login to the iPad for the security team to be able to see who's on what.

Now I realize that you can double click the Home button on the login screen of a shared iPad and pick your wireless network, login to that and then login to the iPad. But that will only work for the first user that uses the iPad. Once the iPad has been logged out and a new user wants to use it, the wireless would still have the other use as the username and password for it.

This might not be even something possible but thought I would pick y'alls brains.


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I know this is years later but, did you ever get a solutions to this? Is there something this many years later that has fixed this issue?